Ariel Albus
Ariel Full



June 7, 1844


Michael Albus (father)
Kal-el Albus (adopted brother)
Noelle Albus and Manuelle Albus (sisters)


Balsteros Republic


Cadoques High, Aerial Division 'Centezual'


Pilot trainee (formerly)

Voiced by

Ayana Taketatsu


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Ariel Albus (アリエル・アルバス, Arieru Arubasu?), Ari for short, is one of the protagonists of Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (The Pilot's Love Song). She is the stepsister of Karl La Hire, who was adopted by her father and renamed Kal-el. She was a pilot in the Cadoques High School. During the defense of Isla in episode 8 she was permanently wounded and was unable to continue flight school and eventually chose to become a mechanic. 


Kal-el Albus (Karl La Hire)Edit

-"Otouto!" (Little brother)

-"Imouto!" (Little sister)

-Ariel and Kal-el regularly argue about who is the older sibling.

Ariel's relation with her adopted brother is questionable. Mostly, they both care for each other. From time to time, they will argue on who is older and more mature, though Kal-el is older than Ariel by just a day.

In episode 8, when Ariel was wounded by the Sliver Fox squadron, Kal-el, fearing he might lose her, proclaimed how he can't live without her, and that he'll be the younger brother. Ari had listened to it all, as Kal thought she was unconscious. After telling him, Ariel then began affectionately calling him "onii-chan" (Older brother), much to his embarrassment. 

"Goodbye... My prince... Some love songs can't be sung.  It's for the best, isn't it?" 

-Ariel revealing her true feelings for Kal-el.

In reality Ariel has romantic feelings for Kal-el which was revealed as he was leaving home to bring back Claire Cruz in episode 13. Unfortunately Kal's heart belongs to Claire Cruz, so Ariel had chose to accept the idea of unrequited love. 

Claire CruzEdit

ummmm she was jealous of there relationship between her step brother and claire

Ignacio AxisEdit


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