Countess Ulshyrra
Koiuta E02 Countess Ulshyrra

Claire Cruz (guardian of)

Voiced by

Chiaki Kanō


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Countess Ulshyrra (ウルシラ伯爵夫人, Urushira Hakushaku Fujin?) is Claire's appointed guardian, and a sort of "wicked stepmother" figure in her life. The Countess forced Claire to adhere to a very strict schedule and curfew, in order for her to fulfill her ceremonial duties as Nina Viento. She threatened numerous times to pull her from the flight school when she felt it was getting between Claire and her official duties.

She was ultimately successful in removing Claire from the school after the first Sky Clan raids against Isla but this was, however, not out of any of the Countess' efforts. It was solely due to Claire's emotional conflict over her role in the Wind Revolution and her feelings towards Kal-el driving her into giving up her identity, and fully becoming Nina Viento.

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