The El Halcon is the fighter of the flying island of Isla. It is a V/STOL (Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing) tiltwing monoplane and can be used for almost any combat role.


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El Halcon Trainer

A flight of El Halcons taking off for a flight lesson.

The trainer variant is the main plane for the flight school. It's painted in orange. The cockpit is open, with a windshield for protection of the pilot during weather and combat. The landing gear is fixed, and has a dual angled vertical stabilizer on the top of the tail. The area outward from the engine is a open shape brace connecting to the engine block.The gunner is placed in an raised position behind the pilot, in an all open standing area. It's only way to stay on the plane is the hand rails around the gunner area. The students are armed with a rifle, but can also use any weapon, and even mount some larger weapons. Wolfgang Baumann used a machine gun used by the Sky Knights, and Ignacio Axis used a large caliber anti-materal rifle.

Sky KnightsEdit

El Halcon Sky Knight

A Sky Knight El Halcon flying over a downed Sky Clan fighter.

The Sky Knights' El Halcon, named the "La Guardia"/ (Ragarudia in google translate) is similar, but a few parts of the design are changed. The Sky Knights operate about 60 of these aircraft. The La Guardia has a more powerful engine than the El Halcon, with four propellers instead of three, along with it's defensive capabilities and speed increased.

The plane is painted in a lavender and white. The gear is retractable, rather than fixed. There are also wing tips placed outward from the engine block, rather than a triangle open shaped brace. The tail, instead of vertical stablizers, it has dual angled ventral stabilizers. The rudders are then placed in behind the engine blocks, making the bomb shape of the engine. The cockpit is fully covered with a glass canopy. The gunner is the same as the trainer version, but the gunners mount a fully automatic machine gun. 


The Isla General Purpose bomber and navigator are somewhat different than the Sky Knights. They operate around 150 of these planes during the Isla Expedition. The rudder has tri-stablizer design, with dual vertical of the trainer, and also a bigger single ventral stabilizer. There are no gunners on this variant, and the co-pilot/ navigator/ bombardier is seated behind the pilot, and the entire cockpit covered by a glass canopy. The IGPB can carry up to two air to air torpedoes or bombs. However, this is unarmed with any other weapons, so they need escort aircraft. This is then used to bomb targets, or designate them.


Canadair CL-84

The real life Canadair CL-48 prototype aircraft.

  • The design of the aircraft is possible inspired by the Canadian Canadair CL-84 , as both of them are similar in design.
  • The Canadair CL-84 is a V/STOL aircraft design, built during the 1960s. Four testing aircraft were made. Two of them were lost in testing from mechanical failures, but it passed. Though passed inital testing, it never recieved good interest, and mass production never started.


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