The Holy Levamme Empire (神聖レヴァーム皇国, Shinsei Revuāmu Kōkoku?) is an imperial monarchy. The nation is the sole neighbour of and was at war with the Amatsukami Imperium.

Nations of the Toaru Hikuushi universe
Tsuioku / Yasoukyoku Amatsukami ImperiumHoly Levamme Empire
Koiuta Balsteros RepublicBenares EmpireKingdom of QiSky Clan
Seiyaku Akitsu FederationHyderabad Union • Mitterrand continent (St. Vault EmpireHarumondia Empire) • KrosnodarSylvania KingdomUranus-Vasilisa
Due to the lack of English sources for Seiyaku, names are conjectural using romaji and are subject to change

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