Juan Rodrigo Bandereas
Koiuta E07 Bandereas

Mr. Bandereas


Luis de Alarcon (friend)


Balsteros Republic


Cadoques High, Aerial Division 'Centezual'




El Halcon

Voiced by

Takaya Kuroda


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Juan Rodrigo Bandereas (ホアン・ロドリゴ・バンデラス, Hoan Rodorigo Banderasu?) is the hot-blooded, "macho" instructor of the "commoner" Centezual flight class. He comes off as arrogant and selfish, and has a surprising tolerance for pain as evidenced by laughing off a punch to the ribs (and yet not a kick in the shins).

Juan cares very deeply about his students, going so far as trying to throw technicians off a plane so they wouldn't force students to go onto the battlefield, as well as flying into a warzone alone and unarmed to scout for survivors.


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