The Sky Clan's main combat fighter plane

Sky Clan fighters-0

. Compared to the El Halcon of Isla, the plane is faster, more manuverable, and stronger. It has 4 machine guns beside the engine block, and the wings. It's powered by a high-performance, liquid-cooled engine.

However, a single hit from a well placed rifle shot, will destroy it

This nimble aircraft has two different variants: the normal mantis and the silver fox. Although they look similar in design, the silver fox variant is equipped with a more powerful engine, superchargers and piloted by ace pilots. It seems that the normal mantis represents the Messerchmitt Bf-109E Emile and the silver fox represents the Bf-109G Gustav

It might be interesting to compare the mantis with the Iris II since the mantis looks like the Bf-109E and the IrisII represents the spitfire. Both of them were components during the battle of Britain. The mantis might be better at pull up and diving but controls will become heavy while reaching 300mph while the Iris always gains strengh in turning

Sliver Fox-0
Silver fox