Maria La Hire
Koiuta E02 Maria

1853/54, Balsteros Republic


Gregorio La Hire (husband)
Karl La Hire (son)




Balsteros royal family


Pilot (formerly)
Queen of Balsteros (formerly)

Voiced by

Yuri Amano


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Maria La Hire (グレゴリオ・ラ・イール, Maria Ra Īru?) is Kal-el's mother who was imprisoned alongside her son in the aftermath of the Wind Revolution. She had been held in custody for a considerable time after her husband's execution before her own was carried out.

Before the coup and her subsequent imprisonment, Maria was a pilot (though whether in a recreational or military context is not known), and was a large reason for Kal-el's desire to become a pilot himself.

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