Michael Albus
Koiuta E04 Michael Albus Flashback

Ariel, Manuelle, and Noelle Albus (daughters)
Kal-el Albus (adopted son)


Balsteros Republic


Airplane mechanic

Voiced by

Takashi Matsuyama


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Michael Albus (ミハエル・アルバス, Mihaeru Arubasu?) is Ariel's biological, and Kal-El's adoptive, father. He had been serving the new Republican government of Balsteros as a mechanic, and was present on the day of Maria La Hire's execution.

Finding Kal-El after having forced his way out of his jail cell, and seeing the boy's malnourished state, Michael took it upon himself to rescue the boy from his miserable fate and give him a place in his home.

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