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Marco Santos (flying partner)




Cadoques High, Aerial Division 'Centezual'


Pilot trainee


El Halcon

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Teruyuki Tanzawa


Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Wolfgang Baumann (ウォルフガング・バウマン, Uorufugangu Bauman?) is a flight student of Cadoques High, Aerial Division. Despite his appearance and his eyes rarely opened, he is a teenager with the same age as the other students. He was killed in action defending Isla in episode 8.


He first appeared in episode 2, where he was in the town with other students of the school. He was a part of the crowd, where they witness Noriaki and Nanako became surrounded by the more wealthier students, including Fausto Fidel Melze, who received a ice cream stain from Noriaki. Then, Noriaki was given 'necessary discipline'. It was then that Wolfgang stepped up to Fausto. It was thought he was to 'return the favor'. But instead, he revealed a handkerchief and water, and removed the stain from Fausto's unifrom. Then, other students cheered for his actions.

Later at night, he was one of the many students to experienced Ari's cooking. There, he revealed his reasons to join the school, and revealed his age, much to his embarrassment.

He was placed into Juan Bandereas' class, 'Centezual' with most of the other characters. He was paired with Marco Santos, who called him 'brother' and he approved of it. 

In episode 7 and 8, he was placed as the gunner of his El Halcon fighter. There he took off along with Kal-el and Ariel Albus to take part of the defense of Isla from the Sky Clan's paratrooper attack. His flight joined up with Fausto and the Van Whyl class in defense of Escorial. Unfortunately, most of the students were shot down and he was forced to retreat back, along with Kal-el and Fausto. Suddenly, the Silver Foxes appear, and shot down Fausto. Kal-el and Ariel were about to attack them next, when Marco and Wolfgang blocked them, and decided to attack them, as they regret nothing from their decision. It was all in vain, as Wolfgang was shot multiple times, and his aircraft damaged severely. He died from his wounds, as his plane slowly glided down. He was a brave man and died with a smile on his face.


Wolfgang is shown to be very polite, as shown in episode 2.

His skills as a gunner is higher than the other students, pairing up even with the Sky Knights. He is capable to use a fully automatic machine gun in flight as a gunner.


  • The machine gun he used in the defense of Isla, greatly resembles either the real life British Lewis Machine Gun, or the Soviet DP-28. Note that it resembles the Lewis more, and it has a muzzle break, which isn't found on both guns.

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